Monday, October 15, 2012

Sweet Kitties

I have an addiction to lucky boards/chairs or whatever form they come in. The latest offer for my stalking was LoveCats Designs. It's always fun to collect up a large pile stuff and then put something together from that. Taking into account the 16 possible prizes from the boards, the MMs, group gifts and camping, I got away with about 20 complete outfits plus some other bits and pieces. Yes, I spent many hours there, but what better way to multitask if you're stuck at the computer in FL?

Below is ONE look that little adventure resulted in, just to keep this short and sweet. Go and have a look. Group membership is needed, but that is free. If this is your second nature, the group is well worth hanging around in because of the daily specials chosen from the regular stock.


Ears and Tail: from Demon Kitty Outfit Mens - Lucky Board
Piercings (see pic below): Piercing set - Group Gift
Jacket: from Snakebite Outfit Mens - MM board (now regular stock)
Tattoo: Pawprint Tattoo - Group Gift
Belt: Avid Girls - Lucky Board
Bracers: from Dark Kat Outfit - Lucky Board
Stocking: from Dark Kat Outfit - Lucky Board
Pants: from Dark Kat Outfit - Lucky Board
Paw Boots: from Dark Kat Outfit - Lucky Board

Below is a closer shot so you can see the piercings and get an idea of the texture of the jacket. I did blog the belonging chaps in an earlier post here. LoveCats at her best has a real flair for textures, some of it makes me drool for sure.

LoveCats Facial

The sombre sim is Virtual Decay, home to Virtual Decay... fancy that...

Virtual Decay

That's all from me for this time... take care and have fun!!!

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