Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Crystal Hunt Part 2

Hello... I'm back! I just HAVE to finish my postings about The Crystal Hunt that marks the opening of the Petites Kingdom!

The hunt is on to the 20th this month and the prizes are amazing... if you're into petites, of course. If you're not, this really is the time to have a go because you can collect some very impressive stuff for absolute free here.

Beside the central floating castle, there are four themed islands on the sim. All has their own story and offers everything you could dream a petite could need and then some. 31 stores, including names like G Field, Wasabi Pills, Al Vulo  and Rfyre, are participating. All necessary info as well as the list of the participating stores can be picked up at the landing point at the central flying castle. 

It's not a difficult hunt, but I recommend to regard it as a pleasant day out. Some basic knowledge of the sim is needed because the coveted crystals are not necessarily hidden on the same island as the store. The clues that each participating store gives are good, however. A little relaxed exploration while 'hoarding' clues will set you right. In fact, I found this a very pleasurable and colourful change from most other  hunts. A real treasure hunt.

Crystal Hunt Part 2 - 1

This event has put a huge grin on my face for a few days now. These little guys makes me laugh and puts me in a general good mood. Especially this little merman tail... what else would it be called but a 'minnow'? XD

Anyway, a few more of the impressive prizes... What a merman...ehm.. petite minnow.... would do in the air? *Points at wings* Ever heard of flying fish?

Petite Minnow Tail: Clownfish Merman Yellow, Pacific Sunrise. Includes tails for both genders plus a simple unisex AO.
Wings: Insect Wings, KaiAna. Comes with retexture HUD. Wings and veins can be coloured and retextured independently as well as animated. 

Crystal Hunt Part 2 - 2

Hair: Noriko, Wasabi Pills
Dress, including hair corsage and wings: Stella-B, G Field

I hope you notice I'm a bit out of words for this one... She's both topsy and turvy ^^

Crystal Hunt Part 2 - 3

Alcove with hanging chairs: Garden of Light, Mole End
Slippers: Arabian Slippers, Trident Jewelry. Includes pairs for both genders as well as full size avs.

Well... regrettably that's the end of this hunt for me. Where else to enjoy that but in the cool shade with some delightful company. I've found this hunt pretty amazing... and I've only shown you half the gifts! A huge warm thank you to all the involved creators.

I take my farewells for now in a pretty sweet mood. Have fun hunting!

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