Friday, February 15, 2013

Two Cupids or Mesh Made Me Do It!

Hiya again. There's not much of a story with the stuff for this post. I was doing the Jack or Jill Hunt trying to put some outfits together. The mesh dominance made that not happen but things just started rolling anyway with little things crossing my path in other ways or (mainly) pulled from inventory. Suddenly these guys were just there. 

Let me introduce, mainly from inventory, two cuties from my 'Femboy Series'. I didn't realise how loaded with metaphors the photos until importing them to Blogger. I leave it to you to discover those... if you wish to, of course. The stuff that's 'now' is at top of credits. More of facial close ups in the bottom pic.

Two Cupids 1

Key (mouth): Mouth Key, #7, present round at The Retreat.
Wings: Festive Sparkle Wing, Curious Kittiesmarketplace.
Shorts and bulge: Cali Cutie Shorts, #13 JOJ Hunt, fem path, Sassy!, with added mesh bulge. Blogged last post. Mesh.  
Pose: Ciss' PosesThe Retreat.
Boots: Sasha,Valentine group gift, G Field. Mesh. Special colour version of new release.
Hair: Straight to the Point - Lightening, 1st Act. Lucky board in passing.
Skin: Hybrid Skin, Tableau Vivant. Xmas group gift, still up.
Eyes: Colour II Eyes, By Snow. Mesh, but both system and prim eyes are included.
Eye Makeup: Love Cycle Eyeshadow, from the Lovestyle eShadow Series, Mock Cosmetics.
Lip Makeup: Bonjour Matte Lipstick [Pinkie kiss]Mock Cosmetics... probably a Group Gift. 
Ears: Brownie Ears, Illusions.
Pearls, neck and hands: From Bohemian Winter Rose, Luziefee Design. Past round at The Retreat.
Bangles: Eyelet Bracelet, Sigma. From inventory... bought at an event I think.
Nets: From inventory, Death Row Designs. Not a clue about availability, sorry. 
Socks: Loose Socks, Klamotte. From inventory, designer hopefully between shops.

Seemingly not much there but that's an unusually long list for me ^^

Two Cupids 2

Eye makeup: Slip Stream Party Girl Makeup, Dulce Secrets, and Guyliner 02, A:S:S.
Corset: Yup, have to squeeze a corset in somewhere - Back in Black Nola, Etchaflesh. Mesh. 
Eyes: Wolven Eyes, Fantasy Hunt #09, By Snow. Showed another colour from the same gift in my last post.
PiercingPurity Ear Cuff, Le Primitif. Let me guess... The Dirty Turkey Hunt, gift still out.
Hair: Ethan, Burley
Pose: Del May
Wings: Angel WingsIllusions
Skin: Marilyn Skin cTableau Vivant. Past Group Gift.
Thong"Sockers" Zipped Thong FrontJungle Wear. From inventory.
Eye lashes: Eyelesh 06 Tiny Feather (colour modded), Fluglen Brise. Old hunt gift... I think.
Cuffs: Hamur, Osakki. From inventory.
Bird Legs: Retextured satyr legs from Gilded, feet from Raven, Grendels/Birdworx. From inventory.
Bow: Bow of Dastardly Deeds, iPwn. From inventory.

Two Cupids 3

No more to say. Until next time, take care and have fun!

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