Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kawaii Kloset

Kawaii Kloset

Kawaii Kloset- A fun gatcha parlor featuring quality designer items for $50L and less in an adorable Kawaii and Harajuku style environment in the fabulous shopping district of Virtual Asia.

Shopping, movies, contest and events as well as apartment homes gives us a chance to become a part of an actual living city with in second life. Vibrant and full of activity this can translate into incredible exposure and a chance to introduce your product to a diverse group of active sl users.

To learn more about Virtual Asia check out their blog

Grand reopening planned 14th March. Spaces are limited!! If you would like more information or to participate please feel free to apply here . Be sure to fill out form completely!! If you require any additional information or assistance feel free to im Margaux Dufaux at any time.

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