Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ballet School!

Who can forget the excitement of working hard in ballet class to get ready for the big recital!! When I found these fun sets at PixelDolls as part of the fabulous $10L retirement sale I could not resist reliving the fond childhood memories of ballet class. Before any big show there has to be a practice.

Here is the Freebie Fashionista Dance company!! Watch out Fame!!!

The (PixelDolls) Ballerina Practice Wear set has everything a budding ballerina needs to get ready for her big moment on stage. All for $10L you get a set that has 3 shirt, 3 bottoms, 3 skirts and 2 pairs of shoes!!!The clothes comes on all layers you can easily put it with anything you would want and since it is transfer you can share with your friends for a fun practice. Just add a sweet ballerina sweater and some legwarmers if you like and you are ready to prepare for the big stage. There is also a $10L ballerina hud to help if you don't have the moves. For purposes of this shoot however I had a really nice ballet bar and dance animation that was a gift from Pas De Deux. Swing by there and check out her place... she offers some great ballerina wear and has lots of lucky boards and gifts.

Here the entire gang is outfitted in options from the (PixelDolls) Ballerina Practice Wear set. Sisters Spirit and Christine show off the brief bottoms with different tops and Christine even has on cute med wrap skirt. Next redsoxfan and Sophie show that the shorts option works well for girls and guys smart enough to know where the girls are! Mara and Tinka show off the thong option with different tops. Mara with the short wrap skirt and Tinka added leggings, leg warmers and cute wrap sweater also from PixelDolls. I am wearing the tutu skirt with scoopneck top. I put a sweet little wrap sweater with it. Also the set comes with 2 pairs of shoes and they are tintable. I tinted mine to match my sweater and the sweet flowers in my hair.

and for when the big night arrives there are the Peppermint(red) and Marionette (blue) costumes that are fit to stage a great productions. Won't our parents be so proud of us with all our ballerina dreams fulfilled. These too were only $10L each. But not for much longer ..this and all the other goodies in the retirement sale are gone Mon.. Please don't miss out. See our big show here...

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