Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beach Party!

Nuthin’ like a day at the beach for those hot, lazy summer days. Grab some friends, throw on a suit + get ready to do some serious sun worshipping.

Here I am chillin’ with my homies, from left to right below: Arizona Wirefly, Gavin McGinnis, Adrianne Lanley, Trinity Deed, moi, Redsoxfan Skytower, Ms. Freebie Fashionista herself Margaux Dufaux and Ethan Kanahoe. Mah glamourista girls always look so so gorgeous and aren't our guy friends such hawties? Love the too-cute matching suits on Marg and Red too. Can I get a collective "Awwww . . . "?

Ethan found some kind of romper room bouncing ball and scared all the seagulls away.

It got really hot, so Gavin and I decided to take a l’il ice cream break. I changed into another outfit since I thought my dental floss 'kini might be a tad too much tush for the ice cream store. Besides, who can resist a piggyback ride? Giving piggyback rides is totally official guy duty. It's like killing bugs.

I just looove eating a ginormous soft serve while wearing a bikini. It just seems particularly tasty for some reason. Denial can be very beneficial for one's dessert consumption.

Ever wonder what guys talk about when they’re hangin’ out together?

Wowza . . . hot. We mean, we said the weather’s hot. The WEATHER! Who said that?

Gavin and I found a little lagoon that was perfect for some back rubs, since his back was feeling a li'l sore. Maybe that huuuuge ice cream wasn't so brilliant with the whole piggyback thing, LOL. Luckily I got some serious back rubbing skills.

Girls say: “Awww, sooo cuuute.”
Guys say: “Awww, get a room already.”

No beach party would be complete without some rockin’ tunes, so that's me taking control of the DJ decks, hee hee. Isn't DJing in your teeniest 'kini the BEST?

We also discovered that Arizona has some hidden limbo dancin' talents. No scorch marks or anything -- and she never even one lesson! Plus dancing is waaaay fun when there’s cute guys around. Although I guess Ethan found his ice cream more interesting than all us scantily-clad females. Yeah hope that ice cream was REALLY tasty there, buddy.

Chillin’ under the stars next to a roaring bonfire is one of the funnest ways to end a beach day. Drinks are good too. We blamed our hangover the next day on Adrianne ‘cuz she was passing out some sorta mysterious flaming tequila shots. The rest of us were totally just innocent victims, see.

Finally, goodnight kiss time on the boardwalk. Nuthin’ to see here, move along.


There are sooo many yummy summer freebies out there now -- its like all the SL designers decided to do Xmas in August! All the current gorge swimwear gifties were what inspired this post.

1. The girls (left to right):

a. on Adrianne:
- bikini: PureStyle bikini in Marine - $1L. This criss-cross barely-there halter suit could redefine sexy. One of the highest quality dollarbies around. Also comes in Mocha (as modeled by Arizona -- see "Arizona" below).
- tattoo: EtchaFlesh downward spiral tattoo -
- earrings: Zaara Balliari earrings in silver -
free group gift (look in past Notices + save the group gift attachment)
- bangles: Laciecakes Buncha Bangles set -
$1L. One of our all-time faves bangles + so so versatile -- these go with absolutely everything. One of the best-made jewelry scoops out there.
- shoes: Herby Loire sculpted silver stilettos -
free. Check her freebie outdoors back wall on a regular to see what other goodies she's got going on.
- skin: Rockberry UMA skin in Natural -
free hot dog (Dog Days of Summer) hunt gift -- with TINTABLE lips! Join the group to grab the other UMA skin group gift with redder lips makeups. The "tan" version in this same pack is modeled by Margaux -- see "Margaux" below.
- eyes: Free Speerit eyes - Look Again multicolor - worn: Sea -
$1L. These super-glowy dollarbies hold their own against any of the expensive eyes I've seen anywhere. Such a great find.
- hair: Truth Jess caramel (
previously free)

b. on Trinity:
- bikini: Miamai - red snakeskin bikini - free August group gift. Anyone who doesn't know this store should join their group immediately. These bikinis are smokin' and you get various colors with this gift.
- snakeskin pumps: SKG - Peep Toe RSNH Pumps -
$1L. This store has a great corner of offers of the week and also $1L pumps. Love the undersoles often being tintable red -- such a fun detail.
- red hair hibiscus flower: KH at Angel Eve -
free. Wander around these kiosks and scoop several other freebie goodies here. 3 colors of these pretty hibiscus flowers are in this pack; Arizona is wearing the white (see "Arizona" below) and I'm wearing the yellow (see "Tesh" below).
- sparkly leaf necklace + leaf earrings: CCD - Christina -
free (lucky chair gift)
- bangles: Laciecakes Buncha Bangles set -
- skin: Lara Skins - Adella -
free. Add this to your constant freebie watch list. Their glowy skins have the most flattering makeup on any shape. This freebie has some evil eye tats too. Love.
- hair: Damselfly - Presley (brown mocha splash) -
not free
- body oil: Laq - body oil - wet -
not free
- eyes: OG - Fierce Eyes in ice blue -
not free

c. on Arizona:
- bikini: PureStyle bikini in Mocha - $1L
- angel wings back tattoos: HUZ -
free. Stumbled upon this tat store when exploring the Fusion mall for the hot dog (Dog Days of Summer) hunt. These angel wings tats have become a fave. So detailed + lovely. Grab the legs tats giftie too while you're there. You can see their blue stars lucky board gift on me (Tesh) below.
- leather cuffs bracelets: Ibizarre -
free. This store always has a wonderful layout of goodies. These are wonderful + come for both wrists.
- snakeskin pumps: SKG - Amanda Pumps (dark red) -
- earrings: Zaara Balliari earrings in gold -
free group gift (look in past Notices + save the group gift attachment). Big, jangly and detailed. An absolute must pick-up.
- eyes: MJ + DADA - Cabbage Eyes II (smoky quartz) -
free. Huge eyes (definitely larger than normal) gives a glowing candy look to your face. Margaux is wearing the pastel Pink Sapphire color -- see "Margaux" below.
- hair: ETD - Nadia - Blonde -
not free
- skin: Laq- Elin 11 (Nougat) Glow Skin -
not free
- hand tattoos: Mendhi -
free. Big fun freebie wall here, not all clothes.
- white hair hibiscus flower: KH at Angel Eve -

d. on Tesh:

look 1 (yellow bikini outfit):

- bikini: Nyoko's - Kini Latex Eggyolk - $25L. The $25L teeny tiny latex bikini sale section is superfun + offers super vivid colors. The see-thru latex texture of these bikinis is really to die. * NOTE: I'm not modeling it here, but if you haven't yet discovered the wonders of Nyokos' Body Oil, you must go and pick yourself up some ASAP (at this same store). It's not free but it really does lend total instant smexy . . . some of the best $L you ever spent for your skin.
- daisy flip-flops: Millette at Angel Eve - beach sandal (with yellow-green soles) -
free. The little daises on these are oh-so-ahhhhdorable and super feminine.
- necklace - pearl choker (triple wraparound): Bonita's - Antique Pearl Wrapped Necklace -
free. This necklace is one of my absolute hands-down fave pieces of jewelry to wear: its so classic, but the triple ropes around the neck long sooo sexy with any type of boobielicious situation.
- ring: Gems & Kisses - City in Gold - Love's Ring (yellow gold + diamond pave stacked ring) -
free (lucky chair gift). Totally worth stalking this lucky board. Get the white metal platinum version too.
- hair: AY.LinE - group gift (free). I am soooo in love with this flowy, natural hair. Lots of soft waves + bangs around the face make this half-up midlength pony style so flattering on anyone. It's utterly feminine but also kinda bad girl. You get several gorge colors with the giftie. RUN and grab this color pack FO' SHO'!
- colorful smiley face hair elastics (worn as a bracelet): AY.LinE at Angel Eve -
- earrings: Zaara Balliari earrings in gold -
free group gift (look in past Notices + save the group gift attachment)
- yellow hair hibiscus flower: KH at Angel Eve -
- skin: Exodi - Shiloh (Coffee) - Water Lily (pink lipstick) -
not free. Also their Shiloh "Nostradamus" is my new fave ruby red lipstick skin. Way too expen($L)ive but me still loves.
- eyes: Reale - Vivid Eyes Blue -
not free. My new fave eyes store -- so so soooo reflecty. At $80/pair, something to save up for. Gorge lucky chair item right now -- a shimmery gold party spaghetti strap dress with an ornamental bodice.
- DJ headphones (worn in the DJ pic above): MX900 -
previously free

look 2 (flag bikini/ripped camo pants):

- flag bikini + camoflauge pants outfit: Barbie Princess Boutique - $1L. OMAGAH this is an unbelievably good dollarbie find. What's kinda funny is that I also own this exact bikini in RL. Go figure.
- red heart/apple hair elastic (worn as bracelet) and matching hair pin: AY.LinE at Angel Eve -
- blue star body tattoos: HUZ -
free ("Funky" set - lucky board gift). Totally worth stalking.
- earrings: Zaara Balliari earrings in gold -
free group gift (look in past Notices + save the group gift attachment)
- graffiti sneakers: Diamonds Fashion - Ed Henry Sneakers -
free. With their fat laces, sky blue tops + pink anime detail on the side, you will scratch your head + wonder how in tarnation these super-detailed sneakers could possibly be free. Head to the mainstore to grab this + the other 2 designs in-world on the wall + then answer the 1-question "click" survey on the opposite wall for 1 more giftie of black sneaks.
- ginormous soft serve ice cream (tiny strawberries + cherries on top!): Ayumi - "Gorgeous ice cream" -

e. on Margaux:
- candy-colored halter-top swimsuit: SWIM - $1L August dollarbie. Love these candy colors for summer. Really top-quality bathing suits here + a lucky chair + a MM board. Always worth at least a monthly visit.
- shoes: Donna Flora -
$10L - Mary heels fuscia (rose retro heels). Look thru the freebies table since not everything is $0L and some quality is better than others. These rose shoes are a true find and the vivid rose hue on these is gorge -- plus the little rose on top of each is sooo adorable.
- earrings - Gems & Kisses - triple aqua droplet earrings - Satisfashion hunt (
$10L to join hunt). Look for the hanger in a high place on the wall.
- black beaded double ropes necklace: Dark Mouse - Vibrant Colors Charcoal Beaded Necklace - $25L. From the teeny tiny gold detail between the black beads to the sexy length dripping into the cleavage, this is totally one of my recommendations for your next $25L. Look for this on the sale board in-store.
- skin: Rockberry UMA skin in Tan -
free hot dog (Dog Days of Summer) hunt gift.
- eyes: MJ + DADA - Cabbage Eyes II (pink sapphire) -
- black pearl bracelet: Mendhi -
- hair: ETD - Abigail - Black -
not free

2. The guys (left to right):

a. on Ethan:
- green tank top and shorts: Maschienenwerk - 4th July T-shirt + 80s style short - both free
- shoes: Line - Chucks (Converse) -
not free

b. on Red:
- suit: SWIM - $1L August men's dollarbie
- tattoo: Rockerswear - Prison Memories -
not free

c. on Gavin:
- rolled-up jeans + T-shirt: Maschienenwerk - both free - Osaka shirt and Win Jeans (with and without print)
- eyebrow piercing: Kanival Tattoo - Dollarbie Pierce Set M -
$1L (group gift)
- tattoo: Aitui - Vintage Hawaii - faded (
previously free from the Make Him Over Hunt)
- hair: Uw.St - Reed large mesh black -
- eyes: Free Speerit - Look Again Multicolor -
$1L (Ghost color worn)
- flip-flops: Perfectionist -
not free

Special thanks to Margaux Dufaux and our resident glamouristas Adrianne Langley, Trinity Deed and Arizona Wirefly, as well as our male models Gavin McGinnis, Redsoxfan Skytower and Ethan Kanahoe for all their gracious help with this summertime shoot.

As always, we’d adore your feedback, so please take a moment to “post a comment” below + let us know your thoughts. Remember to join the Freebie Fashionista group in-world + lookout for my "Better Quality Freebie" shopping lists too.

Fashionista love + kisses to all!! (=^‿^=)

*•.¸ღ♥ Tesh
Teshan2222 Wycliffe


redsoxfan Skytower said...

good job

Arizona said...

Tesh....great blog!! I can't wait to TP around to get all the freebies I missed! These pics came out great. Shooting was so much fun :) Thank gf, Ari

Trinity Deed said...

This was amazing. You did an incredible job putting it all together. The pics look just as fun as it was shooting together. Luv ya, thanks for everything. I'm honored to have been a part of it.

Anonymous said...

This blog is great. I had no idea there was some many quality free clothes on Second Life. I love how everything is placed into a story. It was very entertaining to read and there were so many great outfits. I look forward to reading more entries by Teshan2222 Wycliffe. I think she is becoming the new Queen of Fashion in Second Life.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.