Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lucky Chair Stalkin': AyYaiYai

All you spendthrifts know the irresistible lure of the Lucky Chair. Why oh why would you ever pay for something when you could just patiently wait for your lucky letter (or the coveted "?") to come up? Suuuure there's times when you just can't deal with it, but it can also be superfun to grab a few friends to keep you company + chit-chat the time away until you win.

Check out this yummy li'l creation currently in the lucky boards at AyYaiYai: their "Rich Mini Dress." Rich indeed for its fabulous ruching detail. I adore the candy colors of this dress . . . the colors are so saturated that you don't need a ton of accessories here. Each lucky board on the bottom row is a different color + there's even camping for other items right next to it (so you can multi-task while you wait for your letter to come up).

I paired this with the candy-like rainbow beads from Jodiefied and white mother-of-pearl hearts bracelets from U&R Dogs. The skin is from Exodi (isn't this pink lipstick so luscious? Exodi's skins truly have some of the "glowiest" body shading I have EVER seen) + this poofy headband hair was free this week courtesy of Hair Solutions' super generous members appreciation gift, a $200L gift card.
The shoes are some of my fave's -- J's (not free but the Pearl color fatpack is sooo versatile + these strappy platforms are some of the prettiest I've seen).

For photographers, AyYaiYai also has a supercute $1L pose special downstairs (with the couple facing each other, legs intertwined -- sooo great for photographers). This store also is participating in the Proposers hunt (do not miss this hunt!).

Finally, a word about the tat. This is the new "Butterfly" tattoo from the extremely talented Hunain Bellic of HUZ-Tats. If you have not yet grabbed this store's Angel's Wings dollarbie gift (near the lounger, in gift boxes in the front) you MUST go get it. Every gf I have sent there has raved about these wings. In short: these are hand-drawn tattoos, with meticulous detail + shading that we are hard-pressed to find in SL. Sooo realistic + soft-looking. Just beware -- your $L are in serious danger the second you walk into this store.

Dress: AyYaiYai - Rich Mini Dress - shown here in Blue Marguerite, Blush, Light Sea Green (all 3 colors on different lucky boards) - free
Bracelets: U&R Dogs - Duchess Bracelet Samantha (white mother-of-pearl hearts w/ yellow gold) -
previously free (Cinderella slippers hunt gift)
Necklace in left + far right: Jodiefied - Rainbow Beads -
Necklace in middle: U&R Dogs - Jingle Jangle Heart Necklace Samantha (white mother-of-pearl hearts w/ yellow gold) -
previously free (Cinderella slippers hunt gift)
Shoes: J's - Real Toe Cross Belt Sandals - Pearl fatpack (pink, wisteria purple + silver shown) -
not free
Hair: Hair Solutions - Taylor (Iced Coffee) -
free (purchased with $200L group appreciation gift card)
Tattoo: HUZ-Tats - Butterfly - not free
Skin: Exodi - Shiloh (Coffee) in WaterLily (light brows) -
not free
White Roses Hair Flowers: Icing - part of the Lucky chair gift (previously blogged about here)

Fashionista love + kisses to all!!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe

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