Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good (Girlie Girl) Sale Grabs: Shoen + Cupcakes

Why was I humming that song ""I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story today? Oh, because I scooped these 2 pretty dresses at the ongoing sale at Schoen @ Vinyl Cafe, of course. Don't mind the crying -- it's only 'cuz these dresses were that good. Tears of joy, see.
What do you do when you can't decide which color? Why, get both of course.
I've been wearing these free U&R Dogs "Invention" bangles everywhere. The piano keyboard cuff is simply adorable, and the tiny gold notes + tiny pearls dangly chain are just precious. These round-toe stilettos by Indyra's aren't new or free, but they are such a classic buy. The stiletto heel is just-right-thick + tapers to a perfect arse-kicking point. And the stockings? One of my fave freebies finds ever: the garters-free fishnets from SHi. Such detailed quality + the scalloped lacey edges are just yum.
Every fashionista in SL was stalking the Cupcakes earlier this week for their crazy gift bags, which contained both skin packs + cute clothes together (the lucky cupcake was giving away great skins too). I'm wearing 2 of these gift skins here but actually wanted to show you these non-free dresses labeled "Halloween outfits" (but really just lovely mini-dresses in super rich pink and red hues -- there's nothing seasonal about them).
Check out the tiny rosettes + smexeh front lace-up detail on the pink one. So glad I worked out my abs today.
If you missed the free Cupcakes lucky chair/cupcake skins, don't despair: there's still a gorges free skin in a gift bag (up front near the the "Halloween" outfits) and the permanent sale section upstairs (which now has some new items). Here's one of the $25L yellow dresses with the free "fairy" skin (see how it's totally wearable all year round?) Love the dramatic under-eyeliner too.
The (not really) "fairy" skin theme inspired me to pair this outfit with my absolute favie thing this week (also not-really-fairy): this "Magic Candy Stash" sweets halo from Evie's Closet (a previously free apple bob gift; now bundled with 3 other outfits for $100L). Flying lollipops + cupcakes zooming above my head? I'm so down.
These eyes are another lovely group join gift from Ryker Beck (is there anything this woman can't do?) Her newly-minted VIP group for Exodi is still free to join; the $250L joining fee is temporarily waived for now + these shiny eyes are in the Notices (different colors worn thruout here -- I prefer the (V) series best 'cuz they're the shiniest). Here's me in the "Teal" shiny eyes, chillin' with my penguin friends outside the Cupcakes store. They are so cool -- didn't even try to mooch my candy (unlike a certain Gavin someone). I totally hearted them.
Sometimes it's way fun being a girlie girl. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who really adores being a girlie girl, in every life)


Crying skin (worn with both pink + black sweater lace dresses): Ayumi - Angela -/dk/- Freckle - Pretty Witch Hunt gift (touch pink witch hat @ top left of sign) - free
Pink sweater lace dress: Schoen @ Vinyl Cafe- Knit One-Piece (Pink) - $122L (sale price from $175L) *NOTE: while there, buy the candy bowl on the floor for another free gift + look in the window for other gifties!
Black sweater lace dress: Schoen @ Vinyl Cafe- Knit One-Piece (Black) -
$122L (sale price from $175L)
Fishnets: SHi - Stocking x12 Fishnet - free
Blue Eyes: Exodi - Zbilja Spirit Series - Crystal Blue (large, V) - VIP group gift -
Black Pearls Multiropes Necklace: +plus - The Vintage Black Pearl Necklace
Pear Stones Earrings + Necklace: House of Hucci - Black Tourmaline Dion Chain + Earrings
Shoes: Indyra's Originals - Olivia Noir
Hair: Hair OH - Oh My Friend (only 1 color available)
Red dress: Cupcakes - Halloween Red Devil Dress
Brown Eyes: Exodi - Zbilja Spirit Series - Sepia (large, V) - VIP group gift - free
Skin with red dress: Cupcakes - Gift 14 - Enchanted - Sienna (freckles) - lucky chair gift - previously free
Pink dress: Cupcakes - Halloween Pink Fairy Dress
Green Eyes: Exodi - Zbilja Spirit Series - Moss (large, V) - VIP group gift - free
Skin with pink dress: Cupcakes - Gift 16 - Daydream - Wheat (freckles) - lucky chair gift - previously free
Yellow dress: Cupcakes - Halloween Pink Fairy Dress
Skin with yellow dress:
Cupcakes - October Daydream Halloween Gift - free
Blue-Green Eyes with yellow dress: Exodi - Zbilja Spirit Series - Teal (large, V) - VIP group gift - free
Yellow argyle tights: Vinyl Cafe - Plaid Stockings (yellow) - previously free
Piano cuffs bracelets: U&R Dogs - "Invention" Bracelets - camping gift - free
Candy halo: Evie's Closet - "Magic Candy Stash" - in Bobbing For Apples Prize Pack (includes 3 outfits + halo) - $100L (previously free)
All poses by: Long Awkward Pose - 50% pose set sale (limited-time discount off whole pose sets only)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tesh, love this post! Wow theses are such pretty dresses!!

Anonymous said...

Teshan, I joined this group recently for your wonderful lists. I just wanted to say I really appreciate all the hard work that you obviously do that goes into it. They are like my personal hunts each week.