Monday, October 5, 2009

Glamour Expo 2009

I had a chance to get the the Glamour Expo before the crowds hit.. There was some really nice stuff there last year so had no reason to expect other wise, but I am glad to report that that I was not disappointed. Many great gifts... Here is a quick rundown of some of the awesome gifts I collected. In the pic above left to right I have on SYSY's 50's now dress, Miamai WildThing Minidress in Extra blue and Touche's Dippin Dot in Cherry. Cute and sassy these dresses are awesome gifts that will help you look good working or playing.

Moving on we have more little gems here that are awesome gifts by some of my fave desingers. First up this round is Chantkare's Venti dress, that I added these fun BB - Knitted Socks beige, the socks are very cute and also come with posing hud. Next I have on the Sascha's Designs Purple Taboe. This gown has gorgeous detailing and rich textures that has made her one of sl most well known designers. Another fav, A piece of candy offers this trinity gown, again beautiful rich colors and awesome detailing with this lovely sash and 2 bows that make you really stand out at any formal event. Finally the Ibizarre Wild Roses Dress. One of the most generous designers in sl offers this nice dress that would be great for business or cocktail parties. This picture does no justice for the great textures on the skirt and sexy and sophisticated peek-a-boo design on the bodice. Too many great things to list them all here. However I still have a few more things to show you

There were also some offerings for the times when you want to be more casual and relax. I love this awesome gift from *Aleida* that includes some great components to compliment many of the new fall fashions, including the hat and belt. I futher accessorized this with the :::Sn@tch Royal Bangles ::: gift .. that is awesome and again will be of great use in your fashion tool box. Fashion Doll, offers many freebies with some quirky t's like this -kiss me shirt and these jeans with the cute design. Abia Capalini Design Lia red is another nice combo that includes a hat. The great detailing on the top makes this set easy to dress up or down. You can see this nice Elemental in Water bangle and necklace set courtesy of Touche'. It is also very versatile and a very generous gift.

Things worn thought the post are this awesome skin that Tesh raves on in earlier post, the -Belleza- Jesse group gift, not free but well worth the $250L to join the group that will no doubt have more awesome gifts on the way. The hair is .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Sprocket - Brownie that I picked up in poop hunt. I am offical Tiny Bird junkie, this is for sale at the shop with many other mouth watering styles. Check there often as there are many chances to snag some of this love in the form of free hairs from time to time. A couple more accesories I snagged at the expo are worn with many of the outfits featured. This super cute set of anemone rings by Bliensen + MaiTai, has for rings in the set with great colors, there was one to compliment just about everything I put on with them, be sure to pick this one up. Also if you missed it at the Modiva show you can get the Digit Darkes-Noir Earrings, that look great with almost everything you put them with.

All of this and also you can help a good cause. This years efforts will benefit Care. Care is an international aid organization founded to relieve the distress and poverty worldwide,
regardless of any political tendencies, religion or ethnicity. They are currently seeking help in easing the suffing of children, hit by the recent enonomic situation they can use all the help we can give. It in the intent of the organizers that these funds will go specifically to help the children.

Many designers are offering special designs that will only be available at the glam expo and 50% or more of the proceeds of the items in special vendors will go to benefit this charity and there are also stations where you can donate directly. Even if it is just a $1L or 2 be sure to help out if you can.

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