Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The sun was bright but the wind and altitude kept temperatures well below zero. Our heads were thumping and our hearts were on overdrive with excitement. Every step felt like a small triumph. From the saddle, we walked diagonally up across a steep overhang, towards the very, very high summit. Then, after hours of trudging through the snow with crampons strapped to our boots, we reached the summit plateau. From here it was a short walk to the summit — the undisputed highest point ever.

Flash then planted the flag with a cocky grin on his face and we knew we could breathe again. The rest is history.

Yes!! We did it!!

On Flash:
Nikita Fride (Free #14 MHO hunt)
AtomicBambi (Free #163 MHO hunt)
Outfit: Sepp @
CdC (Free Group Gift)
Jeepers (Free #107 MHO hunt)

On me:
Hair: Lost @
Lamb (not free)
Skin and Ears: Butterscotch Plain Jane @
Mynerva (not free)
Outfit and shoes: Heidi @
CdC (Free Group Gift)

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