Friday, September 10, 2010

Remember that I love you

One of my dearest friends in RL saw my blogs recently and chuckled. "Sitting on moons, drow skins, mad AOs and Elvish ears" he said, laughing. "All very nice but I bet you can't blog 'normal things' like... erm... jumpers! (sweaters in the USA)" So here we go. Jumpers, pink 'human' skins, jeans and 'normal' things, and guess what, ALL for free *winks*. I had to sneak in a tattoo for him, not very 'normal' enough for him, I'm sure, but cute anyway, and to remind him I love him.

Remember I love you

Jumper/Sweater @ Tahani Designs from Xstreet (Free)
Jeans: Gray jeans from
FK Virtues (Free subscribo gift)
Shoes: Green Mocasins @
In her Shoes (Free, all the shoes are free there!)

Hair: Pury in Yummy Caviar @
Ohmai at the Hair Fair (Free fatpack)
Skin: Cynthia's sister - Stay with me @
Mynerva (Only L$300, thanks Rhapzody for the gift, you made this jumper lady very happy!)
Eyes: Horizon Green Pea @
Ibanez (Free from Lucky chair)
Eyelashes: Lashed from
Iris Ophelia on Xstreet, previously blogged (L$40 for 5)
Nails: Dark red glossy @
Miasnow (Free, upstairs)
'Remember that I love you' tattoo @
Pididdle (Free gift at the entrance)

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MiaSnow said...

o! glad you got the nails!