Monday, September 27, 2010

Chance to win 500L plus other amazing prizes

Hmmm, my crystal ball is telling me that today is the last day of the LOW Bazaar survey. The winner will be picked tonight and announced tomorrow. So go over now for your chance to win!

1st winner will be picked on September 27th. Prizes include: 500 Linden, 1000L gift card from X-Clusives Animations, Cuddle sofa from Palais (TNT - Xpose engine with 35 animations), 500L gift card from Ear Candy

Now let me just think how you are supposed to do this. Oh yes, head over to the LOW Bazaar, pick up your survey at the landing point, walk around a bit and check things out, maybe pick up some lovely merchandise for 50% or more off regular prices, fill out your survey and drop it in the mail box by the landing point.

The LOW Bazaar is where 40 of the LOW group's wonderful merchants have come together all in ONE area to offer you their super sale deals in a 1 stop shopping experience.

We are in the middle of expanding the bazaar, which means the survey promotion will be on hold after this 1st winner is announced until we get the whole thing set up again. Once we have it all set up, we will bring out the survey promotion for 2 more chances to win!

Just look what fun I've been having with some great deals I picked up. This lovely black and white dress is from Cero Style Creations, the scrumptious looking Alexxis skin is from A&k Designs, the super fun Fortune telling table and chairs with Crystal Ball are from Park Place Home Decor, and the lovely banners I used as my tent are from Spyralle. You can get all four of these great creations for just 425L at the LOW Bazaar. (Dress 75L, Table set 75L, Banners 75L, Skin 200L.)

And don't forget to get your complete LOW sale list from the LOW kiosk!


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