Friday, October 15, 2010

Fairy Dust

HeartSick is becoming one of my Fav Skin shops lately!
Group Members can grab this Enchant Fairy Dust Skin Free in the shop now!
Comes in many tones, cleavages, freckles and birthmarks!
Envy Designs has just released there October Group Gift called Addison!
Comes with Boots, Belt, Prim Skirt, and Jewelry in this oh so cute plaidish pink!
I paired it with the Fairy Dust Skin in Rapture Tone and it seems to go Fabulous together!

Envy Designs is also having a 50% off sale on the entire store if you want to grab some deals while youre there getting your Free Gift!



Anonymous said...

Love your blog! But I had trouble following the HeartSick slurl. (It landed me in Alphamale.)

Margaux said...

Thanks Seven and I have double checked that link.It should be fixed and sorry about that. Thanks so much for letting us know :))