Sunday, October 10, 2010

More From The Call for Couture

As you know the Call for Couture is now officially open and I am so excited about all the great things that are there. If you have been anywhere around me you have heard me raving about it and how you simply must go. Chic Management and many talented and generous designers have worked hard to bring this to you, so don't miss out. Head on down and snag some really awesome designs for an even better cause.

League Call for Couture Close up

First up from the
Call for Couture this yummy Rita Shape & Skin from Tik Tok Body Care by Miah McAuley. I usually do not change shape too much but this was so cute I could not resist. I love the sweet full face a little flushed with a hint of freckles and the petite shape really complimented this outfit perfectly. Tik Tok Body Care regularly has some great gifts and also does some nice make-up layers so be sure to stop by there sometime.

League Call for Couture

Another delectable treat from
Call for Couture is this gorgeous Burlesque Rose Outfit in Vintage Plum from League. League has long been a personal favorite of mine for some of the sexiest designs on the grid. Nena Janus really went all out in designing this beautiful outfit with tons of great details and features. I really liked that it also comes with several nice options, 2 different skirt lengths , 3 different sets of stockings (with and without sweet pink ribbon) and 4 bust drape options (in both regular and risque), so you will always be able to make the look your own. The deep plum corset with draping skirt and bustle adorned with colorful roses that also are featured on the matching boots are sure to make even the hardest chick feel like a total femme fatale.

League Call for Couture Boots

Topping off this look is this classic and stylish *Suki* bob in Umber from ::RubisoHo:: . A very nice lucky board win. They have 9 group (free to join) lucky boards there with some super cute hair. If you ever have some free time take your girlfriends and stalk the place, you will not be disappointed.

I think that about covers it for now but stay tuned for for great goodies from
the Call for Couture

See you there

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