Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Piece of Candy + A&A +Razanova

Just a quickie post to share some great goodies!!

First up this cute one shouldered knit Mellie dress in green, the 1st Aug group gift from A Piece of Candy. If you would like this hot little number that comes with this great waist cinching thick woven belt, then head on down and slap the subscribo-matic and check out the history for group gifts, this one is maked Aug 1st, but be sure to snag the others in there too. If you are new to the group there is a nice little classy dress you get just for joining. This is just a taste of the goodies that Candy Enoch lavishes her group with. She has some really affordable clothes, skins and a discount room loaded down with goodies to help newbs or just someone that loves a good bargin.

Next up this sweet Brigitte- the wildest group gift skin from Razzanova. The skins from this fairly new shop just keep getting better and better, this one being evidence of that. You can posses this little jewel by joining the group for a whopping $2L and you can pick this and several other nice gift skins up at the store. Also if you are in the group she sends out lots of great skin goodies so if you like the skins be sure to hold on to that group. I really like the red lips and sweet little beauty mark right by the mouth.

Topping off this look is Nani Hair in Fire from A&A. There is not much these ladies cannot do! Makers of this great hair as well as many fun and useful items, like the A&A Inventorybutler Closet (tm). It is a cool closet that looks like a mirror, it is menu operated and it holds pics, an easy way to get inventory numbers down and store things you don't use very often or protect items by storing them in-world with this closet. Many gifts and goodies to be had, The hairs they make are very popular with many women across the grid. So come and see what the fuss is about and pick up some goodies!!!

Last but not least wrapping up this look is this cool Dead Fish necklace and earrings from Dark Mouse, only 1L but worth soooo much more. One of many great 1L goodies that are on the wall outside the door of the shop. Be sure to go inside and have a look too. The jewelry is so nicely made with lots of yummy details and great designs to go with all kinds of outfits from formal to casual wear. Feast your eyes!!!

That is all for now..... enjoy


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CaffeineCowgirl said...

That Dead Fish necklace is really pretty! :) I tried to teleport to DM's store in Taber, but it seems they changed location... do you know if I could find that necklace somewhere else? (I tried some of their other stores with no avail...)

Thanks! ;)