Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer of Love + The Plastik + Vivaposes + LoQ + Mynerva

The Summer of Love fair is in its last week, ending August 8th. You really should get down there if you haven't had the chance already and check out all the awesome designers !

Here we have outfits from
The Plastik. They come with tat layers that can be worn to give the outfit an extra little something :) Congratulations on winning the "Best New Alternative skin Designer" for the second Stylies. She has set out a special unreleased dress for 99L at her main shop. You could also pick up the 1L July gift as well :):)

Hair is from LoQ and can only be found at the
Summer of Love fair.
Skin : Mynerva is also a
Summer of Love fair exclusive.
Pose prop swing : Vivaposes yup, only at the
Summer of Love fair




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