Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Granny Claire goes shopping!

Granny Claire goes shopping

We all feel old at times, I did today, but I still went shopping and headed for my fave retro shop Artilleri. I remember buying this fantastic bikini after seeing it on my friend Whirly; it does look better on her but then she's a young pretty thing. The avatar from Baiastice is simply fantastic and totally free, hair, shape and skins, and comes with a complete closet with lots and lots of outfits and jewelry. Love it. Makes me feel young and trendy again! *toothless grin*. Check out the 2 skins, top one without make-up, bottom one, with.

Hair, shape, skins and cane with AO:
Baiastice (All of it FREE, boxes at the entrance of the shop)
Outfit: Jeanette bikini @
Artilleri (L$150)
Heart glasses @
Kumaki (Free on lucky board)

✰ ✰ ✰

Granny Claire goes shopping

So many glasses, so little time... If you hit the Artilleri subscribo (behind me on the left) you'll get those cute glasses. The black ones come with the Baiastice package, aren't they great?

Artilleri glasses:
Artilleri subscribo (Free)
Baiastice glasses:
Baistice Grandma closet (Free)
Hair and swimsuit:
Baistice Grandma closet (Free)