Friday, August 6, 2010

Fishy business

Feeling fishy today *giggles* and guess what, all of the avatars blogged here are FREE, from the shop at Grendel's Children, where else? Oh and, they are fully animated avatars and not floating fish (like you ones you get from 7Seas), just to avoid any confusion. I think what I love the most about them are the AO's, so realistic. Here is the TP point to the shop, if it won't let you TP directly, head for the second floor, in the section 'Aquatics'. While you're there, go get the other Freebies on ground floor and go explore the sims below, they're breathtaking (I used this location for the ProPosers hunt blog). In fact, put yourself on Busy mode and come explore this wonderful place for a few days...

Here we go, please note that each avatar comes in different colours (and they are modifiable if you want to add your own personal touch), I had to pick a few. Starting from the top:
- Large Koi (kohaku)
- Avarian Jellyfish
- Deep Sea Siren (dark blue)
- Goldfish (Calico fantail)
- Jellyfish avatar

Koi carp


Deep Sea siren



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