Monday, July 9, 2012

Born Again

Hiya... I'm having a busy life not blogging... indeed *nods nods* I've been sorting out stuff and when I looked last that was the stuff from the Femboy Hunt.

I have been looking around for some kind of definition what a 'femboy' is. It's one of 'those' words everyone understands perfectly, until it's time to define it. My vote goes to: 'same as tomboy but opposite' XD No need for sexual orientation or kink to be involved even since a girl being a tomboy has nothing to do with her sexual preferences. It's quite obvious that real men can be soft and have fem mannerisms since it's real guys we're talking about. Plain logic.

For more info on the hunt and preview of the prizes, here's a link to their page... complete with hints and previews and all. The hunt items are 2L each.

Born Again

This is my compulsory ALMOST-everything-from-the-hunt-look, mix of course:

Hat: Bunbun Hat - Limited EditionActuate Eden
Skin: Femboy Hunt 2012 ExclusiveTableau Vivant
Makeup: Galaxy Glitter Eyeshadow and Stellar Star StickersTori-Tastic
Top: Fashion BitchKre-ations
Nets: Mesh ArmwarmersDark Water Designs
Tape: Tintable Scotch BandageKre-ations
Pants: Pretty In Ice PinkDark Water Designs
Boots: ehmmm... from LOoLOo

Born Again 2

Rather beguiling, no? The skin is very beautiful. It's a bit on the young side for me but it sure sits sweetly on my shape. It goes well with the make up as well, I feel very much the part indeed :) A cutie!

I use this post to make a little announcement as well. Due to everything going on, both in the wider world and inside me, I'll more or less stop blogging for Marg. There's been no drama or falling out or anything negative happening behind the scenes, it's just me and how life is unfolding. I'm a staunch admirer of our Marg and I feel a bit bad for leaving her. I'll have a presence here for stuff like the stuff above plus I 'must' finish the Ronja project. For anything else, IF it happens at all and if so will have a wider scope I've been doing here, it will happen in my own blog, Down the Rabbit Hole. I'm NOT trying to divert your attention from MD StyleWatch, I've got Marg's blessing to inform in case someone need a dose of hermaphrodita and this blog is great for the variety it offers :)

Whatever happens in your life, take care and have fun :)

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