Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Being Mindlessly Naughty

I'm not supposed to be blogging...

There are so many excellent blogs by so many dedicated people about every aspect of SL and especially about SL fashion. In fact, there are so many that new releases can get boring before one even have a chance to get to the store, and sometimes that's even BEFORE they're released, it makes me wonder about what makes one keep it up. (Of course, we all know the answer, the passion for the subject and the simple fact we're human and like to share.)

I don't know if you've noticed, but there's a paradigm shift happening in FL and I'm running out of time for everything. Consequently, I woke up this morning having decided that my blogging days were over. Instead, my SL life would consist reducing my inventory by 16 000 items for a while and revisit a little inworld art project I did over two weeks in the first quarter last year. 

I'm concerned what's happening with SL, how it's shrinking and of some aspects of its changing nature. Last year I visited 500 sims (in a systematic order to remove the effects of any choice or preference) and recorded them with a simple snapshot. Ah, thought I, let's revisit them... let's see how many still exists and if their use has changed and take another snap shot... of the same feature if it's still there.

Clearing1 1

Well, I DID manage to throw out well over 1000 items, but when I came to my senses again, not only had I put an av together, but I was on the first of the 500 sims in the middle of a photo shoot. Talk about mindless... or should it be addicted? *Face palms*

So I suppose I'll continue blogging, but it's likely to be a somewhat different. Oh, and the sim? Well, I'm happy to report that 0 0 Abbathax is still intact and still is a residential sim, even if my original photographed feature is gone. There's a few plots free for renting if you're looking for land ;)

Only 499 to go... 

Clearing1 2

But shhhh... I'm obviously trespassing, the colours of this place just happened to match my stuff.

Stuff (Links only where I know they're still up):

Horns: Aries Horns, Illusions, Texture change menu AND mod
Hair: Madison 2, Analog Dog
Mask: IRA - Destruction Mask, Fallen Gods Inc, 7DS Hunt item, will apparently become available in store, but it doesn't seem to be as yet
Shrug: Irinushka Bolero, LeLutka. Lightly tinted for better matching
Latex: Bound In Latex, Red Devil, Mini Mania FREE
Tail: From Faun by Riann Maltese, From inventory, colour modded
Legs: White Satyr, Gilded, Old hunt gift, re-textured
Pose: Del Mey

0 0 Abbathax

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