Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ronja A-Z: F for Fairy

Hello again :)

The letter F in my survey of the classic outfitS by Ronja Pera of RDesigns, which has become a labour of love for me. For more of an intro, if you need it, you can check out the very first post here.

The letter F stands for Fairy, Fairy and Fairy. Even if they've sharing the name and are based on the same texture, there's more than their colour that differs so I'll present them as three different outfits. None of them came with footwear. 

Ronja A-Z: F for Fairy 2

F is for Fairy, Pink Fairy... quite obviously. It's using an embroidered flower as base and it's just the colour of it that differ between the three variations. 

Ronja A-Z: F for Fairy

F is for Fairy, plain Fairy for this one ^^ Beside the colour, it's only the length of the two included shirts that's different from Pink. I enjoy how she worked/works with textures, there's a lot of imagination evident and looks a lot of fun.

Ronja A-Z: F for Fairy 3

F is for Fairy, White Fairy, which has shoulder attachments rather than wings and yet another version of skirt. This texture is the nicest in my humble opinion, white with a little pink in the stitching.

None of these outfits are available at the three big freebie palaces I've visited, they were included in the collections I've received from Ronja. The footwear, however are easy to collect, from the top pic: Summerdream Pink ShoesSummerdream White Shoes and Medieval Boots. All three can be found on the fourth floor of Freebie Galaxy for FREE.

Since Ronja's old stuff are freebies now, I don't think she's mind too much if I spread them on. If anyone would like any of these outfits, please drop me a NOTECARD inworld and I'll forward them, FREE of course. Please be patient, though. I'm off travelling in a couple of days and even if I'll probably have access to SL now and then, I might be slow in responding.

That's it for today. I'll most likely not be able to post anything for a few weeks so take care and do all the things I wouldn't do.

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