Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crystal Hunt Part 1

Hiya again :)

The petites are getting their own sim and it's built with a lot of imagination by some of the best builders in SL! To celebrate the opening, which is sort of right now this instant (until 9pm, 29th September SLT), there's a sim crashing party... and there's The Crystal Hunt. And... oh boy... are the prizes (0L) fantastic or are they fantastic?

This does focus on the Petite brand, but with a lot of the stuff (everything but mesh clothing I suppose) would suit any little fellas. Place is, of course, Petites Kingdom and the hunt goes between 29th September to 20th October. All you need to know is easily available at the landing point. 

That's the language of the big fellas. For us little 'uns.... Our kingdom has finally been created, and a marvellous magical place it is as well, where we can be ourselves and share and have fun according to our natures. However... help is needed to gather the last crystals needed to fuel and fire up the gates that opens up the last islands of this our community. Everyone is welcome, big or small, to hunt for them and be richly rewarded for this valuable assistance. 

I leave you to write the story below, mine too stupid... but I'll list the credits for some of the very generous prizes ^^

Crystal Hunt 1

Body ornaments: Fleurs, Fallen Gods Inc
Bow, quiver: Aurora - Elysium, Falcon Weapons Forge. Scripted Spellfire weapon with attached wings (the 'beady' ones in my double set used here)
Stead: Pink Brass Horse, Bare Rose. Ridable, pose slightly modded on the spot with Animare.

Crystal Hunt 2

Outfit, wings included: Rinceaux, Forest Feast. The silver and yellow wings are really alternatives, but I like the look of them together ^^

Middle (kind of Halloween themed):
Dress: Carefree Dress, Blaze
Choker: Petite Belt Choker, Yabusaka. There's a male version as well.
Wings: Raven, Vengeful Threads
Pumkin: Pumkin Huggie, A.D.D. Andel

Outfit: Kimonodress, N*Botan. Includes a long version as well.

Other props:
Stove, Gourds: PARTS of the Rinky Dink Woodland Stove Set, Roawenwood

Crystal Hunt 3

Only one thing that hasn't been shown above: Birdbath Shower, Geniwian

OK, so I don't know what stories you created, but me think that whatever they are... can you blame me? I think you agree with me, however, that this hunt is not one to miss if you're into petites... and a good reason to get one if you aren't yet.

So, to sum things up: The Crystal Hunt, 29/9 - 20/10, Petites Kingdom... you simply can't miss!

We'll probably meet there. Take care and have fun!

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