Friday, September 7, 2012

Savage & Free

I wandered upon the neatest RP sim the other day. At Jasper Cove you can be anything, do anything, create your own story... all with very little rules. The sim is absolutely breaktaking too! I love to dress up my dear Pyrrhic, and this was a fantabulous opportunity to try a savage new look. However, I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg so I searched in world and on the SL Marketplace for some great freebies and fantastic deals... and I scored!
Savage & Free
Since I was feeling a bit lazy, I started my shopping journey in the SLMP. This entire look cost 8L. And that was just for the Glamorize: Delirious makeup mask, which, by the way, comes with 8 colors! Back in world I found her gorgous, dewy skin, in the Phoebe cocoa tone. It's the latest gift from Mojo. (It has a lovely lavender makeup... not shown hehe). They have some of the absolute best skins in SL and when you join the group you get a new free skin each season.
Savage & Free
Pyrrhics sexy pantheresque outfit was a freebie I scored back at the SLMP. Claw Thief by Viking is incredibly sexy! And every detail, from the leather & fur to the beautiful collar, screams "I am woman, hear me Raaawr!" Since it's fast approaching autumn, I figure she needed a cloak to keep warm with. Ya know, just in case. The Old Forge creates some amazingly beautiful and realistic fanatasy clothing. So I couldn't believe it when I saw the Traveling Cloak for free! They also have a male version of the cloak for free).
Savage & Free
With her outfit almost complete, I ventured back in world for the rest of my shopping. Her bad-ass suede boots are a group gift from Coco. They have an entire wall lined with past and present group gifts. These particular boots come in a mesh and prim option. Her firey red hair, Karena shown in Nectar, is also group gift. Exile has an entire wall of gift hair for women and even a few for the men-folk. I love the wild, wind-swept look of this style! Even her talon-like, blood red nails, in the "Stiletto" style, were an awesome lucky chair win from Formanails.
Savage & Free at Jasper Cove
With her look complete, she is now ready to embark on her journey in Jasper Cove. At least I know that wherever her journey takes her, she's gonna look really darn good!

Eyes: Ikon - Free to join group and there are always free gifts! Eyes featured are a past group gift.
Poses: Ciss Poses and Del May (past group & hunt gifts)
(Shape is my own creation)

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