Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ronja A-Z: G is for Golden Snake

It's been many weeks since the last part of my classic Ronja series thanks to a longer FL trip. This is really a project that's become a labour of love and I intend to see it through to the end.
This famous person Everyone knows about Ronja Pera of RDesignS. Ronja has her place in the SL hall of fame for all those fantastic outfits that now lingers in the freebie palaces. More of an introduction and the first instalment is here => X.


With the letter G, we're approaching half way, believe it or not. It'a quick and easy one as well, only one outfit without the usual multitude of alternatives.... So, without any further delay.... Ladies and gentlemen, G stands for Golden Snake.

The name, Golden Snake, refers to the repeated metal ornament texture Ronja used for the composition. It's a common method of hers and I find it real nifty. It's the design element, I think, that gives her design 'that look'. The boots, of course, have bling *nod nods*

If you want a copy, this outfit is available for free on the fourth floor in Freebie Galaxy.

A couple of other things:

Make up: Dark Kiss LipSmacker over Raven's Golden Dawn Ore Mizu Makeover, Mock Cosmetics. Not a very good view, but you must agree the names are great ^^ Both most likely two of her generous group gifts.

Pose: One of my own, presently for sale at The Retreat. Shameless self promotion maybe, but it does help towards my plentiful uploads. Thank you all!

Well, that's it... until next time, take care and have fun!

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