Saturday, January 30, 2010

Once In A Black Moon

The beautiful Solitude gown is only one of more than 100 magical outfits being given away free by Black Moon.

You won't want to miss this. Prolific and talented Black Moon designer Vanilla Sola, one of SL's best known fashion identities, has organised what is perhaps the most unprecedented and generous freebie giveaway in the history of SL Fashion.

More than 130 quality gowns, dresses and outfits by Vanilla are yours for the taking and believe me when I say there are hours and hours of sheer excitement ahead of you trying them on and showing them off.

I spent an entire day in front of the mirror, so to speak, trying out this stunning collection and believe me it was so worth it. It was by far the biggest addition to my wardrobe in a single day in my time in SL. And these are quality permanent fixtures - not throwaways.

This amazing giveaway is a must for everyone who loves fashion, but especially for newbies who have been given a rare chance to set themselves up for life in SL with some genuinely authentic high quality designer clothing.

Formal wear, casual wear, beach wear, underwear - you name it and you'll find it here. And the beauty of it all is that you can create any number of stunning combinations from these outfits.

I was really interested to know what inspired such an amazing act of generosity so I asked Vanilla the question directly and the answer was typically forthcoming.

Along with her prolific design work Vanilla has long had a interest in helping those in SL lacking a background which makes life and earning an income easier in-world.

"We have always supported others but some of the recent decisons by LL has made our social work more difficult. So, we have decided to offer these quality freebies," she told us.

"I hope they will make life better and more fun for many residents, especially noobs."

The collection has many of Vanilla's own favourites including Ascot, Allure, Venus, Let it Snow, Seduction and Free Spirit which features a nice fabric and gorgeous lace ( Vanilla is a lace addict).
My favourite freebie - the gorgeous and appropriately named Venus.

I share a few of my favourites with her, namely Venus, Seduction and Ascot (a classic English inspired Day At The Races outfit). But I also love Ballroom Romance, Crocodile Dundee (I am an Aussie after all), the classic equestrienne outfit English Ride, Sugar, Raffinesse and Persian Pascha. I have to admit to having had some fun dressing up as Sir Lancelot, too!

All in all this is a most amazing clothing collection. The fact that it is free might well cause a sensation. Go get it!

I'll be out jumping my beloved steed in my new English ride outfit first chance I get.

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LisaMun Aronowicz said...

ohh thanks for this info Cait!! I'm taking the fastest route to Black Moon now LOL!