Friday, June 11, 2010

Ear Candy, 12/13 June 60L sale

Check out this HOT Amazon Inspired jewelry set from Ear Candy. There is so much value here, you get earrings, a necklace, two different bangles AND a set of nails...and all for just 60L! You will be fit to be the Amazon Warrior Queen with this set to show off. The earrings are thick gold hoops wrapped in a lighter gold with tear drop shaped pendants attached almost all the way around. The necklace takes the same style from the earrings attached to a larger hooped chain with a gold medallion in the center. All three pieces make me think of a warrior's headdress. One set of bangles is made of three different shaded gold hoops and one bangle that is made of the same pendants as the necklace and earrings formed into flower patterns. The other set of bangles have several different widths of flattened gold bracelets and the same medallion as the necklace.

All the different colors of gold in this set makes me think aged, or patina. It's like a lovely antique set that could have been made in the Amazon era. The nails come with the glove that you need to cover your SL nails, then just resize your hands to 10 and you have the perfect long tough nails you need and want. I got a little tired on my trek to meet the Amazons, so I had to sit down and take a break. Maybe I wore the wrong shoes for this kind of thing. *laughs* At least I found this lovely waterfall to laze by and let the cool spray sooth my skin. Now if I could just find some men to pamper me like the warrior queen I really am, I'd be all set. *winks*

Don't miss this super deal, head over to Ear Candy this weekend. You may need to take your spear to fight off the crowd, but it's worth it!

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