Monday, June 14, 2010

Ancient Tree Kimono Shop

If you don't have a Kimono in your wardrobe yet, then poof over to the Ancient Tree Kimono Shop and pick up their hunt item (lost my marbles hunt). Shown here :

kimono hunt

Also, you just have to pick up the item she has on special - The Black Pheasant Kimono. It usually sells for 700L and has been discounted to 250L for a very limited time. It comes with all the Kimono parts and a walk so you will fit in perfectly if you visit themed sims.

kimono hunt 2

It's best to modify your shape when wearing kimonos. They are meant for the very petite, I practically deleted my cleavage to nil .. and it fit just right. I'm really just a noob when it comes to all things Japaneese, but the rich culture interests me to no end. You'll probably see more Japaneese finds in future posts.

Oh, and if you are in the spending mood.. the getas have a 90L promotional price this week only. Normally they are 280L/each.

Skin : Tuli previous group gift, no longer available

1st Hair : D!va group gift

2nd Hair : W&Y

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