Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cozy Campfire

If you have not been to Shameless bits you should check it out, she makes some great and affordable furniture that is full of love. This Love around the campfire set is not different, it is a great way to spend cool summer evenings with friends and lovers. Here I am enjoying the sunset with some of my good buddies from Freebie Fashionista in-world group, This lite set that is on the MM right now, only has one pose on each log but the full version has a lot more and just for today is half off if, there is a full version on display in front of the MM for you to try out. So what are you waiting for?.

Kicking back with my fellow Fashionista's and company Rendall Warcliffe, Moi, Lee Marquis, and Samantha Tumim.

Getting off her feet for a few, taking a break from running down all those MM boards, our own Lico Bravin.

Surprise!!! Hot Boy Catherine Fairport, Teena Tomorrow and Violet Batriani.

It may be too late to get in on this goody but if not feel free to check it out tomorrow she features something new Mon- Fri. Oh and not to forget, her items now feature music, this one plays I'm
on Fire by Bruce Springsteen. Tomorrow there will be a sweet playing the guitar around the campfire that is a sweet trip into nature with the one you love on the MM and a whole lot of other deals and specials like letter of the week , bargin hunters paradise , some group gifts and even a few hunt items.. be sure to stop by and pick up some of the sweetest stuff there is.


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