Monday, June 14, 2010

U&R Dogs, free nails!

Hey ladies, want some awesome FREE rings and nails? Rush over to U&R Dogs and jump on one of their camping swings for 10 minutes to get this lovely set. (Be sure to join their scribo update group first, it doesn't take up a group slot.) You get 3 rings along with this lovely set of nails. There are no gloves with these, but as you can see, you don't need them. Just be sure to set your hand size to 20 in appearance. Aren't they great? (Just click on my picture to see them closer.)

Now if you want a set that has some great options with them, look around for the New sign. They come with 5 different rings you can adjust and resize separately, as well as being able to adjust each nail separately. You can also show or hide the nails, and turn full bright off if you wish. They come in 5 different colors for the nails and stones in the rings. For those of you that like to use the gloves, fear not, these do come with them. They are 200L each or 750L for the fat pack.

I just love U&R Dogs, they have some of the loveliest jewelry, all very well made with amazing attention to detail. Have fun camping!

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