Sunday, June 6, 2010

Poetic Colours + Cupcakes + Lingerie Boutique + Fab.Pony

Are you a member of the 1000L club at Cupcakes ??

Well... for 1000L you'll be getting a whole lot of skins. No group to join, simply buy the sales box HERE. You'll have to hurry, this ends Sunday. So if you get down there now.. you'll get all the box has to offer ;-)

cupcakes 1

You will get 3 random skin deliveries...The skinlines will consist of the 6-9 skintones in each of the lines ALLURE, FANTASY, and GENIUS III, and these particular makeup looks and variations will never be sold again. But since you don't know immediately what you'll be getting - it's a gamble :).

What a great idea !! Hope they do this again :)

Here are some of the fabulous items hiding in the 1000L box :

cupcakes 4

cupcakes 5

cupcakes 2

cupcakes 3

Other credits :

Eyes : 0L Poetic colours (new freebie)
Lingerie : Lingerie Boutique not free
Hair : Fab.Poney @ the Dressing Room 70L

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