Friday, February 4, 2011

My favourites from the Proposers hunt

Quick post, RL has been RL, busy, nasty and yeah the usual. After all, why are we on SL for, eh? :) Anyway, go grab these poses, they are fabulous, the Proposers hunt is on until the 15 February. Flash joined me in these snapshots, taken about a week ago so it was about time to post them AND he wanted to show off his Indiana Jones trousers, hot stuff here, don't forget your fan. Will try to blog the 'phoney poney' and the 'bathtub' of the hunt, soon, I can see Flash waiting with his towel already.

My Favourite - #9 eMOTIONS

Proposers Hunt Jan 2011

#25 Body Talking

Proposers Hunt Jan 2011

#2 BeScene Poses

Proposers Hunt Jan 2011

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