Friday, February 4, 2011

Hunting season

Hiya!! I don't think you know but my first approach to freebies, goodies and cheapies were hunts, I stopped visiting "noobies places" (that sometimes have nice things too) and started hunting and discovering the whole fashion side of SL.

At first I used to grab all the prizes available in one hunt, but then when I had to unpack some gifts were just not for me, so then some friend (I also met doing a hunt) gave me some links and found out there was this whole SL blogging world, so now I just hunt what I like (I always try to look on flickr if there's a group of the hunt or the hunt's blog also).

But I have to say I'm pretty lazy with hunts but if I love the prize you'll see me running through the store looking for it.

So here are some prizes I like:


Silenced - Baby it's cold outside gift - FREE (Look for a cloud with a blue hat (?), come in other colors)
Pants and eyes:
Silenced - Gifts on the store - FREE (There are two boxes one black and the other is red, you'll find in one this pair of pants and the other has eyes)

Paperdoll - My depraved valentines hunt - 6L (The prizes from this hunt can cost 10L)
Chest tattoo:
Annabel Lee store - Love hurts tattoo LHMH #6 - FREE (Look for an arrow)


Project Kiwi - The valentines diva hunt prize - FREE (Look for a pink heart)

Y&R - Group gift - FREE (There's also a male skin for free and two yummy lucky boards)
Ci Co Caladesi Island Company - Music for the heart Hunt prize - FREE (Look for a red heart with notes)
Les Petits details - Group gift - FREE (Earrings in brown, red and violet)

Happy hunting!

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