Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweating my elf ears off

I love going the gym in RL, the rancid smell of sweat, queuing up like a plank for the treadmills, watching the dumbest/best MTV programmes, the muscly but ugly poseurs... I could go on. YUK. Give me the great outdoors anytime.

But on SL, you've got to love it. I even remember being TP'ed here at the Sleek Beach Club in June 2008, I remember it because the flavour of the month who TP'ed me was yummy and we danced all night/day/whatever. Anyway, I laughed the first time I saw the gym, thinking 'WHY?'. But eh, like most things on SL, it doesn't mean anything but it's flipping hilarious.

Thank you Elendeis Sirnah for the amazing sportswear, I love them, my blue tracksuit bottom will be my 'frumpy but not frumpy stay at home' outfit. Love them. Oh, don't forget to grab your sweat towel and your bottle of mineral water, fresh from the purest SL mountain spring *slurps*

Sweating my elf ears off

* Yoga tracksuit bottom and red Kineta outfit from Amaris (L$90 and L$150)
* Kianna Skin from Mynerva (New skin - not free but oh so worth it *mwah Rhapzody* )
* Rush Hair from Elikatira (L$250 for the Essentials collection)

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