Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dandy Dandy Dandelion

My luvly Elfie was telling me about this Friendo necklace (previously FLF item) so I TP'ed to Miel Nirvana's shop with excitement. Little did I know that I would be falling in LOVE with a fine Dandy dress. It's beautiful, it's gorgeously made and it's fully scripted. You can personalise each bit in either 'flor' (flowers) or 'solid' blue pattern. But the highlight for me is the Dandelion puff you get with the outfit, so much fun. I've been wearing for the last 4 days and have no intention of washing it just yet *sprays more Febreze on it*. I love the belts (one on the top, one on the skirt), I love the pockets, I love the textures.

Another major plus point for me is the fact that Miel has demos of everything in the shop, that just did it for me. Clever. Miel is not just a pwetty face.

And the necklace? Oh, it's only become my FAVOURITE piece of jewelry in inventory. You can personalise it, write your sweetie/pet/milkman's name on it, change the colours of beads and much more. I'm not taking it off either.

Miel, you rock my virtual dandelions, thank you!

Dandelion love

Dandelion love

* Gorgeous Dandy dress @ Miel (L$400) and Friendo necklace (L$325)
* Pwetty Nautical Nonsense make up @ Mock (Free group gift, group join L$250)
* Again hair @ Elikatira (FLF item)
* Elf ears @ Mynerva (due to re-open soon!)

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