Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gor is More

A few days ago, while on the Rocky Horror hunt, I reached ReKas Design, a store offering mainly gorean clothing. While searching for the hunt prize I saw a pair of soft skin boots on a lucky board and settled down to stalk them. I was quickly pulled into all the different activities for clothes. When everything was unpacked and counted, I had landed myself with 17 outfits plus the coveted boots!!! A summary pic of them all can be viewed here.

I felt mighty greedy, I mean, I'm not even in Gor anymore! Quickly found a little project for myself. My gorean experiences aren't vast, but they span being woman, man and in between. I've been free and slave as well as both outlaw and inlaw (hmm... sounds right?). Based on this and the books I've read, what would the realistic options be for a androgyne in the heavily gendered Gor? Beside a pile of bones I mean. How could I best represent this with my newly gained stash?

Here's what came out...

Gor Musician

Gor is more than silk clad princess-slaves bossing over beefy masters in full length black kilts. The wealth of information given or suggested in the long series of books by John Norman creates a colourful tapestry with intricate details. It's a rough and brutal world at one end... but at the other there's finesse, the want to improve one self and a respectful relationship to life. That women live under sharia law and are little more than cattle at the mercy of men's whims is another subject matter entirely, no?

As a musician, one stands a little at the side of the eternal 'collar or no collar' dilemma. In Gor, musicians are deemed to need their freedom to catch the muses and are usually left in peace. To travel among strangers in a role where gender wouldn't matter too much was my first choice and why not as one enjoying some success? It's a role I have played, although male, slightly less successful and always with a hangover and rough voice from the night before.

Gor Musician

Once arrived in a town, city or village, it's a bee line to the nearest tavern or inn. Meeting people while they relax, maybe playing the kalika in exchange for a meal or trading stories. Chat up a free woman to get the latest gossip for a new story. Have a slave girl dance to your tunes or get her drunk with some kalana. Always fun... as long as someone else pays for the drinks of course.

The grey shirt from Nomad (lucky board) was combined with a shorted and modded Mysterious Man kilt (prize camp), Mad Girl Black Woman boots (puzzle grid) and the pants and cloak from The Champion (guess & win).

Gor Outlaw

Ouch! Outlaw... a social outcast having been found a freak and monster, lucky to get away with my life. Forced to scrape a living in the wild and only approach human habitation at the risk of impalement without my day in court. Maybe I would be fem enough that towns people would call me a 'panther', a wild woman having fled the restrictions of civilisation. I'm not sure what 'real' panthers would think about that. Good rp if you like action, though.

The Sexah Furs pants (guess & win) are combined with the the modded Barbara furs (prize camp) and the Cute Brown boots (lucky board). The belt had extra useful rp items like rope, knife etc added from various outfits. Arm protection from Michael (prize camp) and the chest belt is from Watch Out (group gift).

Gor Slave

Last but not least. There's a taste for exotic slaves among the rich in Gor and 'exotic' is probable label sticking to me. Without your freedom you can still live a life surrounded by luxury, even if you're a part of the furnishings more than anything else.

The skirt comes from the male prize in the MND2 hunt, the bejewelled collar is an arm band from the fem. Sandals are from the group gift at ALB Dream Fashion which can be read about here.

'Mmmmm...' /me puts the empty kalana cup down and smacks hir lips in appreciation of the precious wine. 'A rich and complex drop with a slightly nostalgic bouquet.' /me looks at the empty bottle and sighs 'There won't be anymore of where that one came from'.

Many Gor sims are brilliantly built, forests easily competing with Chakryn and towering cities as magnificent as Alpha Point. These photos were taken on OlniVosk and the Town of Ars Station now placed there. If you're not convinced, a selection of old sim shots can be seen here. Such is time in SL that very few of these places still exist, unfortunately.

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