Saturday, July 23, 2011

Free skin, Free pose, Hot dress

Hey Fashionista's,

Got some free stuff, a yummy dress, and great deals to tell you about...woot!

Join the 75 $L Sale in world group free and you can get this lovely skin as a gift. I don't usually wear ethnic skins, but this one is just so pretty. Miah from Natural Beauty really knows how to make skins you can drool over.
Kayla in Natural Beauty Group Gift 2

(The tattoo I am wearing is NOT part of the skin.)
The 75 $L Sale is a group of skin designers that have come together in one store to offer you their wonderful creations for only 75L. Now who doesn't love hearing that?! You can find it in search, or copy and paste this key into local chat to click and join.

You can view the BLOG for more details.
Here is your handsome cab to the 75 $L Skin Sale store at Eminence Square.
*whispers* There are also 4 free gifts at the square you can pick up by joining the free LOW Sale Customers in world group. They are placed on stands around the tables outside. The Diamond Belt I'm wearing in this photo is one of the gifts, from Bella Roche. Just lovely.
Bella Roche Designer Spotlight Gift

Kabuki Creations is in the Make Him Over Hunt 6, and his gift is one you do not want to miss, especially if you love taking couple photos or are a blogger, photographer, or create your own ads.
Head on over and find this Couple's Studio Pose, you won't be sorry. It's really like getting 6 poses in one because each avatar controls 3 of their own movements.
Kabuki Studio Couple 2

Kabuki Studio Couple 1

Kabuki is also in 7 other hunts and has their monthly Picks and MM board gifts ready for you. You can view the BLOG for more info about those.

I visited Designer Showcase today and found this yummy purple dress from Primadonna for only 75L! This dress fills out so pretty when you walk or move, no legs showing through. *sighs with happiness*
Be sure to look around the Showcase at all the other deals. It's a group of designers that offer you their lovely creations for 100L or less.
Kayla in Natural Beauty Group Gift

One last thing, LOW Sales have changed from a week to 3 days. So be sure to shop before midnight Sunday to pick up the amazing deals in the sale. View the LOW Sale Blog to see them all.

Have fun picking up your free gifts, hunting, and shopping.

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