Sunday, July 31, 2011

Good Hair Day

I was out searching for some new hairs the other day... in fact I suffer from a compulsory spending syndrome whenever I have some cash. On my ramblings, however, I found some interesting free ones I thought I would share with you if you not know about them already.

Please excuse the quality of the photos. The environmental controls in the LL viewer have been re-designed and the lack of the usual moves confused me a little. The new ones will be great after a couple of minutes practice, I'm sure. They are now like the colour picker for textures which will make life easier. At least every detail in the hairs can now be clearly seen so that aspect was all planned of course. (/me nods nods)

Good Hair Day 1

Discord Designs makes all these hairs with fabulous braids... and they do them VERY well. Just inside the main entrance there's a board with a couple of free ones, a auburn long flexi braids and one with cool brown short sculpties.

Good Hair Day 2

There's also a subscribo gift, Robyn, in four natural colours. I'm wearing the milk chocolate here.

Back tracking a favourite hair of mine to the creator's main store, I couldn't believe my luck when I discovered that it's a store I've been missing but couldn't remember the name of. Now I know it's Black Maria. It has a group gift, too, in the red/yellow combination that seems to be their special theme for gifts. There's two very different styles included. I'm obviously wearing one of them, the other is a real cute pig taily kind.

Good Hair Day 3

There are other freebies about, like the black hair above that sits real nice on a hair base (not included). It comes in a variety of colours, among which is a white stunner of a good platinum (hint hint nudge nudge).

The reason I've missed this store is for its good old school punk hairs... and this old stock is still available!!! Up the stairs there's a colourful explosion of hairs for both genders and you pay however much or little you want. Each pack comes in a rich variety of colours. Believe it or not, the name of the green wonder is Spike. I've kept my hair base to soften the outline.

While you're still in a freebie frenzy, cross the road to Radicalism. There's some free tattoos to be picked up and three lucky boards. Unfortunately, I'd used up my day's ratio of luck by then so I had to go without. The red Dragon's tattoo (red and yellow group gift) and Cross Eye 2 (green spikes) was among the freebies, however.

Most of the pics here uses makeup from A:S:S, colourful, simple and affordable. I bought the dramatic but yet subtly made Plum Geisha at Tableau Vivant.... with purple lipstick from A:S:S. (/me face palms)

Below is what came out of this creative frenzy. The protective mask was on a short time member special at Finesmith, Docs from Gos (not free), tattoo from sYs (not free), hair base from AITUI (not free) and the de-flexed KIZI hair from Black Maria (as free or non-free as you wish)... and lipstick from A:S:S...

Style Is Eternal

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