Saturday, July 23, 2011

Experiencing Vice!

Blimey, it's been so long since I blogged I almost forgot my password! Although we've all been quiet I guess. Still, here's a quick blitz, but don't call this a comeback!

Today sees the chaps at VICE poses throwing a bit of a party to launch their new range - 14 snazzy new poses. Although after my use of words like "chaps" and "snazzy" I'm not sure they can keep promoting themselves as "the bad-boys of pose making". They'll be down at the Gay Riviera beach between 11am and 1pm SLT today giving out a whole bunch of prizes with DJ Dex, and having been to a Vice shindig before (seriously, "shindig"! If I can't ruin this "bad-boy" tag no-one can!) I seem to remember the end time was a myth and I've not shown many people the photos of myself frolicking in a waterfall at the afterparty.

But the promo for tonight is because I'm a little excited about where this company is going. I've grabbed a few of their poses in the past but their latest group gift confused me... it came in a female version too! Yep, having made a name for themselves in the male market they've expanded their business and chests to produce some female poses too - so now the ladies can hide their nipples too! (Okay, so it's not my first choice for a female pose but they are "bad-boys") But I needed somewhere to show off this pose so I snuck in early and climbed on stage for a my moment of glory (I'm not cool enough for their model list...).

Experience Xavier's Vices

Luckily I also had the July freebie from VITAMEN, which is actually 5 freebies but I only wore the purple pair since I didn't want to be overdressed at the beach.

So tight undies and a smouldering pose? What better way to show off a new shape from Bodacious Body Works? It's Xavier and 800L (although the store does take part in our own Kayla's LOW sales and has some offers floating around on other shapes. Being a tweaker I was glad it's copy/mod, but I used the default for the photo. I like the face more than the body myself, it's just a bit muscley for my taste. It's also shorter than my usual shape and there are many folks taller than me so I suspect a lot of guys will bump that number up, which I have to say I think makes the muscles easier on the eye. I also wear enough stripes I would have to flatten the pecs slightly, but going topless on the beach they did add a bit of definition so you may want to consider having both options around.

So there you go, now to see what else I can get away with here before anyone notices I've got the place to myself!

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