Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Serious Colour

This is for you who enjoy serious colour... and a lot of it.

ALB Dream Fashion has put out their new group gift for women. This month, up to the 25th, the joining fee has been wavered so now is a great time to join the group if you like AnaLee Balut's designs. There's also a new group gift out at COCO.

Serious Colour

I can't wear dresses without looking like a drag so I find refuge in pants like these from the ALB Dream Fashion gift (well, dollarbie rather). The flowiness (Is there such a word?... The computer says no... Tough luck for the machine) and the colour, which just avoids pink into salmon if you like fish or rose if you prefer flowers, has just the right umph for me. Whatever you prefer to call the colour, the pants are yummy. Yea.... you can eat roses (/me nods nods).

Beside pants, the outfit includes a top/swimsuit, jacket as well as flip flops and a matching wrap. I can't wear the whole thing very well, so I leave these pleasant discoveries to you.

I darkened the clear pale lilac of the tops of the flipflops to blend more with me and combined them with the prim feet that's the latest gift from COCO. Simple and unadorned, beside an optional ankle cord, the feet come with the designer's beautifully easy to use resize and colour HUD.

Serious Colour 2

The top I'm wearing under the Miss Mara scarf from LeeZu (250L, 'ethno pink') is from an old free traditional turkish male outfit combined with a snake skin belt from ALB (200L for three colours, 80L single). The white Barrel Leather Bracelet is a lucky board prize at Sole. You can get the necessary KDC-mall group tag from the joiner just outside the shop. The different little Jared Leto tattoo on the inside of my wrist is 40L at Dermagraphicus Rex. It only comes in clothing layers, but hey!, that's not an issue anymore is it? The top combination is only made possible with the multi-layering option, consisting as it does of three jacket layers.

The photos also features the street art by the british street artist Banksy.... fancy graffiti in a gallery eh? I don't know about how the copyright issues has been resolved here or if at all, so I won't give you the slurl to the gallery... even if it seems to be a 'fan site' more than anything else. I REALLY recommend you to check this guy out on the web, though, here's the link to his web site. If you still believe the matrix to be solid and think FL is rl, you might find some stuff prick you where it hurts... otherwise, just enjoy!

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