Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Euphoria

Hiya :) I don't know if you've heard of the pre-spring sale they're having on Euphoria. Irrespective if you know about it or not, it's about to finish... sort of at midnight... so there's no time to dawdle.  Most shops have put out at least one quality item from their regular stock for only 50L. I landed in the thick of it quite by accident and as usual very late, but I was as excited as a child running between the stores exploring the goodies.

Spring Euphoria1

TokiD has this ethnic patterned Portland Shirt out, among a couple of other things. It comes with a body prim but I like it as a tank tucked into the high waist Tweed Black Pants that's part of the offer from CIA Designs (belongs with a colourful feather patterned low cut top). And yea, guys could wear this with good effect, too.

Other 'old' stuff, not from Euphoria but still available: Wanderer Bracelet from League, Clara hair from Truth

Spring Euphoria 2

One of the most exiting items on sale, in my humble opinion, is the all prim Black Leather Jacket at Shi.  There's a resizer script but the prims can be edited manually if needed. This is the fem garment but there's a similarly stylish deal for guys, too. 

The white Ynuit Jump Suit from sYs is fem but the relatively straight cut across the chest makes it quite unisex... without loosing the 'sex'. It's subtly but intricately textured, creating the perfect contrast to the simple, but still fanstatically yummilly thick, soft leather texture of the jacket. Oooohps, I'm salivating again.

Other stuff yet again 'old', even if still available. Miss Shippe's Cyborg Inserts (face part only) over Niven's Monochrome - Mask and black Lip over sYs' Cyber Tattoo - Digital.

That's it for this time... found out sort of five minutes ago how soon this event is over so pardon any mistakes worse than the usual. 'Management' seem to believe the store owners to only gradually remove the items, however, so hopefully there's no panic. 

Until next time... take care and have fun!

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