Monday, April 30, 2012

Tread Softly at The Retreat

This isn't me, but isn't she cute? She hides in amongst what's on offer in the very first round at The Retreat.  The Retreat is the absolutely new and freshly opened little discount store offering goodies from a range of established and well known designers. Turnover will be on a monthly basis and everything is 50L or less. Clothes...skins... furniture... poses... even some stuff for the guys... there's a little bit of everything in a spacious bright setting.

To celebrate the opening, there's also a big bunch of gifts out for group members!

Retreat 1

I was playing around with all the stuff that generously has been provided for the bloggers and was trying to find something suitable for an androgyne when I by 'accident' met this lady. The softness and colours of the hair and skin is a perfect match and the skin could have been custom made for this shape... or the other way around. Even the teeth looks perfect between the ever so slightly parted lips. I sort of just go soft inside when I see her.

The white flower bracelet was all she needed to be picture perfect. The eyes are the only item that's not from The Retreat, even the pose comes from there.

I'm rather smitten with this av. Maybe it's because she's a product of pure chance or maybe it's because she so cute! Somehow she has earned a place her a place in my growing 'menageri' of avatars I don't want to delete out of my life.  By another curious coincidence, the offers from Piddlers Perch just happen to include an antique curiosity cabinet. Only five prims, but with two opening doors and three shelves. Simply perfect for a little personal collection. 

Retreat 2

Cabinets of curiosities are the precursors of museums and used to be the pride of the wealthy and powerful. Originating in the renaissance, they were originally whole rooms dedicated to collections of natural and archeological objects and reflected the new hunger to explore and understand the material world. Later, they could take the shape of furniture and as such survives to today... in various forms. My FL one is a coffee table XD

I spent a pleasant thoughtful day choosing photos and objects that could describe my personal natural history and archeology. It's not a reduction of a life, any 'this is all you are' kind of thing at all or a showing off. It's more like gathering the facets so you can contemplate the whole. We change all the time, but everyone we've been on our journey has given us something. When we take a moment to remember those gifts we are rich.

Isn't it amazing what's really a random 'pile of stuff' can result in something this personally meaningful? I really love blogging. A warm thank you to all the designers that made this possible.


The Aged Elm Curio CabinetSouthern Comfort Cuddle Sofa and the Floral Tapestry above are all by Piddlers Perch

Hair: Eeva - Facepalm Designs
Skin: Jazmine 007 - NVious By GG
Eyes: Sunrise Deep Hazel - IKON
Lipgloss: WoW Skins (included with shape and skin)
Shape: Bambola - WoW Skins
Bracelet: Flower Pearl Bracelet Polkadot - Zephyr FREE!
Pose: Kiss Me 1 - Fluke

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Lovely post. Ty so much for sharing this all with us especially this new lovely lady...