Sunday, April 15, 2012

Existential Rock

A portion of randomness today, I'm afraid, but beside burning to a fizzing cinder, what else can you do in a spluttering vulcano? We don't have any role models for this situation after all. The colours were too beaut to ignore, though, and fortunately heat isn't a problem in pixel paradise. One thing I discovered you don't do for intact self-respect, however, is try to look cool.

Existential Rock 2

The Narcissus' Room is a month and a bit old discount store/event. In theory it's for men only, but that remains a theory since the two items I picked up could as easily be unisex. Or am I wrong? The black Short Jacket from Rotten Defiance, no? The Sheer Black/White Leggings by [LV], no? The jacket got some pretty strong shoulder pads that's not really clear here, but I had too much fun with the pics to worry about such things :P

Existential Rock 1

The other stuff I'm wearing might not be discounted but it's still provides a lot of bang for your lindens:

Hair: Sydd hair from Discord Designs is a new release at the Wear Grey For A Day event. It's a prim hair, for those who wonder, and can easily be adjusted to fit anyone. Since Kallisti Burns added the extra ranges of colours, I dive on the Dark Essentials whenever available, the Cast Iron is simply me. 180L for a packet of colours, which is a good price for a top notch hair.

Make up: Darkly but still soft, the Darkened Mood Makeover from Mock Cosmetics - 75L. (I got mine is one of the many spontaneous gifting attacks that is a common hazard in the group.) Brilliant for some existential angst.

Lace top: From Poet Jacket and Shirt by A:S:S. 85L for one colour or 255L for 4 colour fat pack. Comes with two shirt options plus a lace trimmed cropped jacket.

Belts: Own modifications of COCO's copy/mod Slim Jeans Belt, 50L

Ankle boots: Gaga Platform No Heels from Blackburns, only on market place and only for 29L

Jewellery: Piano rings from Accessory Bone, one for me finger and another added (81L for a pair) over a modded loop tie from something very old and probably free.

A few times I've had my fingers slapped by Marg for making my posts too long. Very softly and kindly, of course, as is her nature. Today I'll behave and if you want to find out about the last thing, which isn't fashion related, you can go here.

Photos were taken in the Fire Element Room in the Village to Heaven on Alpha Point.

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