Monday, April 16, 2012

Testing... Testing... One Two Three...

Ohps!!! Should never had explored that sigil on the floor up close.... A sudden flash and...  Pfftt!! Spent the rest of the day running through fantastic passage ways with my sword held high, giving the odd noob a chance to shake their head in disbelief.

Nah, truth is I'm in training. Your's truly has been given the honour to be official blogger for the upcoming Fantasy Fair that starts the 21st this month. My mind is already flying high in otherworldly realms. Imagine the fun! Imagine the stories that will be unleashed!

Testing Testing... 1

While we impatiently wait, why not a couple of freebies to pass the time? Like these wings? Or what about the magnificent hair piece?  Together they're an outfit in their own right with the rest just for modesty as they say. 

They're both free for the picking on Alpha Point. The Akashiya Wings are among the other gifts that can be found at the landing point. The Alpha Bird Hair is the local prize for the Crazy Hair Hunt... You'll might just have to find that one yourself, however...  *winks*

Testing Testing... 2

The rest of the stuff is from the most dusty depths way way in my past so I'll just leave them there to snooze me thinks. 

 I've blogged another one of the gifts at the landing point before. If you wish to see a photo of the free Ms Art Deco avatar, it can be found here

Alpha Point also provided the photo spot. It's a brilliant place to get lost in... as is the neighbouring Omega Point.

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