Monday, April 2, 2012

Out from the Shadows

Hiya again... A little quickie with some more personal favourites from last week's MensWear Fashion Week... and a bite of the humble pie for me as well. I usually moan a lot about mesh and am generally paranoid about shapes and the necessity to conform to whatever basic shape the mesh item has and how I never expect to find mesh items that fit me...

I got too hungry, however, when Ladies Who Lunch showed their new collection for men. There was some 'unusual lines' that just screamed 'HAVE!' Mesh, of course, but I had to try and guess what... and that at the event that filled me with doubts about me and the future of SL fashion?  Talk about things meant to happen. So without further ado as they say...

LWLEgoisme 1

The Men's Euro Skirt, mesh with prim attachments, has clearly scottish kilts as inspiration, although it's fashionably shorter and made of more sprighty material than wool. I'm wearing it over a new new release from Egoisme, Whisper Spring, black leathers and yet another colour of those smexy Bi Laces tanks that's already a cornerstone in my wardrobe.

LWLEgoisme 2

Equally yummy as the skirt is the Prom-Tux Tee.... also LWL and with ruffles down the back for a refreshing change (included collar not worn). A definite must-have. Goes real well with their Drop Waist Skinnies. Even if the mesh pants shave a pound or two off me thighs, they sit easy on my inter gender butt so I'm a happy puppy.

Conclusion: Some real fresh breeze to gladden an andro soul for sure.

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