Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wear Grey for A Day

The Wear Grey for A Day event opened the 6th of April and runs to the 22nd and raises funds for the American Brain Tumour Association. As all fund raising events, it's a fantastic collective expression of creating change where people takes part at so many levels... organising, donating, blogging... and shopping, of course. You actually don't have to have that many lindens to help this cause, a sim wide hunt with many participating stores offers items for 10L a pop. The hunt item is a small grey brain... and will provide a lot of entertainment while trying to find them o.0

I had great fun walking around the event the other day putting together an outfit from only Wear Grey vendors, the special offers that donates 100% to the charity. Of course it had to be in the greyscale colour wise.

Wear Grey 1

This is what I came up with. There's a fem dominance but that's just SL fashion, no? 

Agnes Finney's Summer Bliss Blouse is just too fresh and frilly to ignore and it goes beautifully with the part mesh Jolee Capris Elymode offers up. Only the cuffs are mesh and with a range of different sizes are included, there's no real shape issue. 

Sigma Jewels has some real neat subtly textured Eyelet Bracelets in pearly grey-pink or blues in the hunt, a real find, despite my rather crappy depiction of them above.

Yet another buy that's worth their lindens anywhere are the Rawr! spiky wedges by Forsaken. There's some pretty wild flouro leopard patterned ones as well beside my Snow Leopard colour that's worth having more than one look at.

Wear Grey 2

Last, but not least, Mockie of Mock Cosmetics has some soft event exclusive eye shadows up in soft glittery blue, grey or pink. She deserves a pat on the back since she produced these while being real sick in FL but refused to let the cause down. The result won't let anyone else down either.

Poses are my own. Art work in the back ground are by a talented FL artist, avatar Skye Hye, who has a very solid schooling to say the least and works in the 'traditonal' style in drawing, print making and painting. Her life studies and her little gallery is a great visit... as is the Greenhouse on the neighbouring sim. A couple of personal favourites in the 'realistic' genre.

The official web site for theWear Grey for A Day event can be found here => X.

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