Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On the run!

You can't tell anyone you've seen me, but recently I've been risking the anger of the MenStuff group by doing the new Make Him Over hunt (5 or II depending on your politics). But at the risk of upsetting folks over the politics, the new group got a hunt with nearly 90 stores up and running in a month, and there are some stores I'm a fan of involved so I figured it was worth doing, and I'm glad I did because I found some new places that I plan to return to.

Sail to safety

To try and avoid getting told off for doing the hunt I've gone for a complete revamp of my look, so here's the inventory from top to toe (and a little beyond):

Just don't tell anyone you've seen me! Hopefully this won't be my last post... And hopefully this won't be the end of the alternate MHO group either - there's room for both (in fact a number of stores are signed up with both). It's good to see a greater focus on male fashion on the grid.

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