Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ready for Xmass


Ready or not there I go!!!

Boa: La Boheme - Myrtle flowers boa Welcome gift - FREE (It comes in different colors)

Skirt: *GF* - Suede miniskirt demo - FREE (This color is free)

Leggings: Candydoll - Red pants, Jingle Bells hunt prize - FREE

Jazumi - Jingle bells hunt prize - FREE

Bag: The sea Hole - Group and SOM gift - FREE

Ok girls, time to go and grab some more hunt gifts and freebies. Take care!!!


Leonie Zurakowsky said...

Cute post! Where are the shirts (Japanese hapi coats on the rack behind your avatar) from? They're super sweet! Please let me know. Leonie Szczepanski

Anonymous said...

Done Leonie, I sent you an IM. Sorry first LM was wrong, my SL is really crazy.