Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No Image this time

I'm going to take up this little space within all of cyberspace for a few words...

I haven't always been Catherine Fairport...  and at one time I was hurt so bad I became someone else and created a much needed alt.  Then after some healing, I was able to find Catherine again and she took on a new life... the life of a blogger.  I wanted to steer clear of bringing my rl passions to sl.. but the call was strong and the inspiration was all around me...

I truly admire my fellow bloggers, here on this blog or elsewhere... we all can't be everywhere all the time and I love what each and everyone of you bring to the table.  Your images, your words, your finds.. You inspire me and I'm sure others as well. 

If you follow any of my posts, you know I'm a blogger of few words... In my rl just as here...I tend to express myself with images.

This may sound corny, but each of you who have passed through my world this year have touched me immensely.. from your kindness, your generosity, your time, your spirit for life,... well, just being who you are really.

So, no image.. just a Christmas wish to all of you....

May the Christmas spirit fill all your lives.. everyday !


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