Thursday, December 16, 2010

Choco Caramel Goodness

Yesterday was a total sugar rush for me! Thanks to Paco and Manuel at 22769 I got to start the Christmas chocolates! And they sent me my favourite, caramels! Yep, the monthly group gift hit my mailbox and I couldn't resist, I threw it on and hit the chocolate factory.

22769 Choco Caramel

I didn't actually stop there, I went on to Wonka's garden and a sweet shop and, and... Okay, I maybe overdid the sugar, but I always get excited when I get my 22769 gifts, and you'll find me in their store every day just now as I collect the advent gifts (which you don't have to be in the group for, but I'd recommend joining anyway). And I must say, although I'm only showing you the male clothes it's only because the female ones are way too tight on my curves - but they certainly do take care of everyone in there.

One word of warning this month though - everyone who has been licking this outfit complains it's a bit furry on their tongues. Be careful out there, hairballs are not very festive!

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