Friday, December 3, 2010

Fffrrreeezing our boots off!

It shouldn't be long before we all turn into polar bears in the UK, it's fffrreeezing!! Flash and I wrapped up and headed for the Silk Waters Mountains (one of my fave sims, ever, if you don't know it, go, go, go!). We had a lovely walk, a giggle and a useless conversation. Everything was rather normal until he insisted on having a snapshot of his yeti boots. Hurry Flash, I'm fffrrreeezing here.

Fffrrreeezing our boots off!

On Flash:
Jumper and hat @
DragonLady's Closet (Free from the Happy Holly days hunt)
Skin @
Yeti Boots @
SF Designs (Old hunt gift, yes, Flash, your boots are the best... well, second best after mine)

On me:
Jumper/Dress @
Simply (Free from the fabulous Peace on Earth hunt)
Hair/Hat @
Trico (Free December gift)
Winter Skin @
Deviant Style (Free gift in shop)
Inuit Boots @
Pelletteria Morrisey (Previously blogged here)
Freezing AO @
Creative Insanity (I love this AO, thanks Ruy)

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